Living Life in a Fish Bowl!

Gloria’s take on life.

hold on, don’t quit

Don’t let it steal your joy!

I’ve got your back girlfriend!

Life can be hard but  don’t let it steal your joy!

Things happen.  Sometimes it is things beyond our control.   It might be a direct result of something we have done.  Other times it is because of what someone else has done and it affects us.  Whatever it may be doesn’t change the fact that God is still God.  He will help us if we give it to Him.   Joy comes from God and is not dependent on circumstances.

I don’t have to look hard to find things that are attempting to steal my joy.    How I respond to those things is huge in whether or not I am walking around as the victim or the victor.  No matter the situation that I face, I can still have the joy that comes from God in the midst of it.  My hope comes from Him.   He holds me (and you) in the palm of His hand.   It will be alright!

I’ve got your back girlfriend!  We need each other.  When someone is hurting I may not have any answers but what I do have is compassion — letting someone know that they are not alone, that I am there, that I am praying with them, and that I’ve got their back.

I believe that Christians who tear down other Christians grieve the Holy Spirit.  Look for the good, encourage others, and pray for God to develop His character in them.   Do you have their back or are you just waiting for them to mess up so you can stick it to them?

It has been a long week and I look forward to a better week ahead.  Even if it isn’t, God will still be right there with me and you.

To all of my friends who are facing huge obstacles  hold on, don’t quit, stand firm in your faith!   God specializes in working all things out for your good.  (Romans 8:28)

Jesus will still be there

“…When the going gets tough – When the ride’s too rough — When you’re just not sure enough  –  Jesus will still be there, His love will never change  – Sure as a steady rain.  Jesus will still be there.   When no one else is true – He’ll still be loving you.   When it looks like you’ve lost it all and you haven’t got a prayer – Jesus will still be there.”  Point of Grace

Jesus will still be there

Whatever tomorrow holds we face it with Jesus by our side.

til next time


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  1. Preach it!

    Comment by Pastor Curt | April 26, 2012 | Reply

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