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Weed killer comes in all sorts of containers and strengths.  I usually purchase the ready-made, with a spray nozzle, weed killer.  That way I can use it whenever I have a few minutes.

I used up what I had left over from last year and had this brilliant idea that I would save some money and buy the concentrate.  The container has been sitting in the basement for weeks.  My weeds have been growing and growing.

I am capable of mixing up the formula but there are just certain things that I really don’t want to mess with.  Chemicals are right at the top of my list.  So tonight my son mixed up my first batch and gave me the warning.

“Do not get this anywhere near your plants or flowers.  Whatever it touches it will kill.”

Yeah, yeah.  I know all that.  I have been doing this for years…….

The problem is that sometimes I get a little spray happy.   I get a little over zealous and in trying to get all the weeds I can get a little too close to my flowers.    This is not a good thing.

I know it is not a good thing.  Plus I was reminded before I started and yet……

It seems that sometimes in life we end up pushing the envelope.   Our zeal for life can go from beneficial to dangerous.    We pack our days so full and yet try to squeeze one more thing into our day.   We find ourselves caving to the expectations of others – after all we want people we care about to be happy.  We want to help.   We push and push ourselves until it seems exhaustion is on the horizon.

Yet we know that living a life out of balance is not God’s desire for us.    Some stress can be a good motivator but too much stress can have just the opposite effect.    It is certainly a joy robber and a health risk.

I got in a bit of a hurry and was focused on spraying, spraying, spraying which meant I got too close to my flowers.   But I was so intent on getting the job done.  In the same way we can get in a hurry in life and miss the really important things.

I have a couple of flowers that just might not make it.  That in and of itself is not extremely important.  Yet there are things in my life that are extremely important.  We have all heard the ‘warnings’.

Keep God first.

Get adequate sleep.

Eat healthy.


Drink plenty of water.

Marriage is an investment.  Invest in it every day!

Let go and let God….cast your cares.

Leave some wiggle room in your schedule.

Are you paying attention to the warnings?

til next time


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  1. It’s so true. I hate it, but sometimes I get so focused on school- medical school at that- that I don’t eat well, don’t drink enough water, and drunk too much caffeine. But God didn’t call me to to school to neglect my health!!! Thanks for the reminder!!!

    Comment by Stephanie | May 21, 2012 | Reply

    • Your welcome Stephanie — we all need reminders. God bless you!

      Comment by Gloria | May 28, 2012 | Reply

  2. I need fewer warnings these days than I did years ago, when I had a family to look after, but I still need them. Now it is just hubby and self and time is more or less our own, but I still need to heed warnings, the most essential one being to put God first and allow Him to direct my every move.

    Comment by meetingintheclouds | May 22, 2012 | Reply

    • Amen! Keeping God first is the most essential.

      Comment by Gloria | May 28, 2012 | Reply

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