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This is my 350th post.  What shall I write about?


I feel ________________. (fill in the blank)

People can’t argue with how you feel, right?   It is your feeling.

I’ve seen a big push in the last 10 years or so to get in touch with your feelings, to share those feelings, and that you should have validation for said feelings.

BUT what if your feelings are wrong?   People who allow their feelings to rule over them have a hard time living a peaceful life.  A friend once said, “Walk in peace instead of pieces.”  (Christy S.)  This is possible when we trust that God is indeed in control and that He is making a way where there seems not to be a way.  The truth is He is working things out for our good.

Whatever we are facing He is very much aware and an ever-present help in trouble.  So if we feel like we are alone or it is too hard or  we just can’t take it – we have bought the lie that says God is not able.

When we accept the saving grace offered to us by Jesus Christ, we begin the process of lining up our lives with the Word of God.  This also means lining up your feelings.   “Be ye holy for I am holy” (1 Peter 1:16).

Our feelings can be carnal.  Our feelings can be based on out right lies.  Just because I feel it, no matter how strongly, doesn’t mean it is true.

The day I made the decision to place my trust in the One who loved me first – was the day my sins were covered with His blood!  My life is no longer my own.  Christ lives in me.  I am to take every thought captive.  Feelings come out of our thoughts.  Our thoughts can be wrong.  Feelings can lie to us.

Before accepting God’s gift of salvation we could choose to let our feelings rule us.  Our feelings could dictate to us how we would respond verbally, what we would do and the way we would treat others.   Usually with a “that’s just the way I am” attitude.

I have noticed my feelings wanting to take center stage again in my life as I am dealing with peri – menopause.  I guess that is why I have been thinking about the role feelings play in my life.  Certainly center stage is not where feelings belong.   Now there are times I must take my feelings to the foot of the cross and leave them there.   “Great peace have they that love Thy law and nothing shall offend them.”  (Psalm 119:165)

Our feelings can harbor offenses, resentment, pity, hate …..  Feelings can lead to a father leaving his children, a wife leaving her husband, sibling relationships strained, friendships ruined, and certainly can lead to bad decision-making.   If we let our feelings control us then the tiniest thing can ruin a beautiful day.

Feelings expressed can do great harm to the cause of Christ.  Many a church has split over people’s feelings.  A much as possible live at peace.  (Romans 12:18)  This is important if you want a life of peace.    Making the decision that you will not be ruled by your feelings but instead rule your feelings will help you to be at peace in any situation.  You know that God is in control and He will work things out.  (Rom8:28)

Are your feelings lying to you?

Instead choose to:

Extend grace and mercy to others.

Lead by example.

Let your light shine.

Encourage others to line up their feelings with the Word of God.

It will surprise you just how wonderful the day can be when you refuse to stir up your ‘feelings’ but instead walk in truth!  Even in the hardest of situations God’s peace is available to help you walk through it in peace.

til next time


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