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livewell, laughoften, lovemuch

You’ve probably heard the saying Live well, Laugh Often, Love much.  It seems to be  one of those sayings that has gotten over used and in turn seems to have lost some of its meaning.  This is unfortunate because it really is a simple yet powerful reminder of how we should live.

Live well

Life is all about choices -choices we make. What kind of choices we make depends on our convictions,  our priorities, our responsibilities, our resources and/or our desire to please others or God.  Life is also about the choices that others make that impact us.  How we handle this is a reflection of what is inside us.  No one can take away our inner joy and peace but we can certainly set it aside because we choose to let what someone else has done affect us negatively.

I have said it often.  Either God is in control and bigger than whatever is going on or He isn’t.  The One True Living God is ever-present, ever-knowing and all-powerful.  Nothing takes God by surprise.  He is not off on vacation somewhere but is very much aware of ALL that is going on.  And even more important, He has a plan and is working all things out somehow, someway for good!  I don’t have to understand it, nor do I possibly think that I could understand the mind of God.  How small would God have to be for man to grasp all that He is?  How sad that some people just don’t get how mighty God truly is.

What do your choices say about you?  (Joshua 24:15)

Laugh Often

This is currently what I have been thinking about today.

I love my office.  Yet it seems that I sure don’t get to see it much.  Isn’t it pretty?

At  the clinic we have been  short-staffed since the beginning of September.

This week there is no way I will see my office as we are short one more person.  To say that this was going to be a challenge to my sanity, my joy, my peace and my attitude would be correct.    Yet I know that it is how I choose to handle situations that come my way that is the key to walking in peace and joy.

So this morning before heading off to work I purposed in my heart that there would be laughter and lots of it.  I love to laugh and I am entertained easily but this morning I was in search of any and every reason to laugh.

Again I realized that laughter is contagious.   (Proverbs 17:22) I am confident that sticky situations were averted all because of light-hearted laughter.   I would much rather be a carrier of laughter than crankiness.  Sadly I have been a carrier of the later a time or two.

Laugh often – yes I did.  I came home from work very tired but in a good frame of mind.  Laughter does make a difference.   It is my plan for tomorrow and Wednesday.  (Yes, I even get to go to work on my day off.)

Love much

This one comes naturally for me.  I love people, even people who have stomped on me.  Oh, don’t get me wrong. I am not a door mat.  I have learned the lesson of tough love and that boundaries must be in place.  There are people out there who are selfish and will take advantage of you or try to manipulate you.

Wisdom is needed.  Praise God that He is the giver of wisdom.  We just need to ask Him.   He will help us to best know how to express love to others.    God is love and He has called His children to love others!  It is easy to love those who love and treat you well.  Yet we are also God’s hand extended to a hurt and lost world.  May God’s love flow through us. (I Corinthians 13)

Well I am off to go do some painting at the kids new house.

til next time


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