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Snow days

Vacation days

Sick days


Oh how I used to love snow days.  Snow days meant the boys and I had the whole day ahead of us to do whatever we wanted.  There were games, movies, bundling up so we could go  play in the snow and then hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.

Now snow days means I am one of the fortunate ones that can make it in to the clinic.  Dr did close early on Thursday but while everyone else left at 1:00,  I stayed on as there was lots still to be done.   Funny how much you can get done when you shut the phones off and lock the door.  LOL

Vacation days – now that just brings a smile to my lips.  Although vacation in ministry requires planning and re-planning and then last-minute planning.  It sometimes even means planning while you are hundreds of miles away because something has fallen through.

Sick days are no fun but sometimes what the body truly needs is rest.

Holidays are a special kind of day.  Some people have to work on holidays while others have the day off.    I am grateful that my job at the clinic closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year.

I was talking with a friend yesterday about her plans for Christmas.  She mentioned that she was looking forward to coming to church.  As we were talking, we both agreed that our church family is indeed part of  our family.

Later I was thinking about that day years ago when Curt talked with me about wanting to have a church service either in the evening on the 24th or in the morning of the 25th.    It meant giving up the option of going home for Christmas.

That first Christmas in Iowa was hard.  Have I mentioned that  I am a momma’s girl?

Fast forward to last Sunday.  Sundays in December require more planning and more practicing.  It is so worth it though.  This year we had  a drummer debut, a couple of duets, a vocal solo,  a solo with piano and guitar,  and of course I blogged on the song “a baby changes everything”.

Ministry has its ups and its downs.  It has those moments that you just want to shout from the mountain top the amazing things that you are seeing God do.  Then there are those times when you are on your face before God asking for Him to do what only He can do.   I know, that  I know, that I know that God heals and yet sometimes we walk through that valley and it is hard.

So Sunday wasn’t a snow day, vacation day, sick day or a holiday but it was the day that God reminded me again that He is with me as I go around this mountain again.   (Thanks Ed for being that willing vessel and sharing that Word during worship.)

Then after church Allyssa and Brent gave me this necklace.  In light of my last blog this truly was God inspired.

from Allyssa

Whatever kind of day you are having remember that God is with you and if need be He will carry you.

Jesus the reason for the season!

Merry Christmas!

til next time


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