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heavenly minded? earthly good?

There was a saying, back when I was a child, that I would hear spoken often.  Looking back now I think it was just an excuse they used so that they could ignore the need to grow spiritually.

Don’t be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good.

I remember wondering what they were talking about.  As far as I could tell that just wasn’t a possibility.    After all what would ‘heavenly minded’ look like?

Wouldn’t it be that if you were truly heavenly minded that your love for Jesus would shine through in everything that you do?  Wouldn’t it mean that you would want to share that hope both in word and by your actions every where you went?  Wouldn’t it mean that your life would stand out; there would be a noticeable difference?  Wouldn’t it mean that you were indeed someone who would be full of earthly good?  After all you would be following in Jesus’ footprints.   You would be walking in love and growing in your ability to walk in love.

It is my belief that the quote should go like this.

Don’t be so earthly minded that you are no heavenly good.

Now this I understand.  Sadly I have witnessed this in the lives of some people who would rather stay in their sin than lay it at  Jesus’ feet and walk in obedience.  The things of this world seem to consume their thoughts.

It is also sad when   Ministers of the Gospel fall into this category.  They demonstrate it  by watering down the Gospel.   How that must grieve God.

Instead of seeing just how close they can get to Jesus,   for some the trend seems to be to get as close to the world and its ways as they can and still call themselves Christian.    Compromising their beliefs seems to be  a small price to pay to be ‘relevant’.

While I am all for being relevant, I look to Jesus as my example.  He did not compromise.  Yet He was able to share love and reach those who were hurting.  There was no blending in when it came to Jesus.  He stood out and yes,  some didn’t like that at all.  Oh but so many more were impacted for all eternity.  The truth of the Gospel is truly life changing.

Being heavenly minded will inspire us to be more earthly good.   This I truly believe.   Colossians 3 tells us to set our minds on heavenly things.   We are to place our focus on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. (Hebrews 12:1-2)  As we grow in Him our influence on those around us will grow.  We will make a difference.

Sometimes I get tired.  One more thing becomes one more thing and then one more thing and I think surely enough already.  Yet even when I am worn out I know that God has rest for me.  I will see Redemption win!!  It is worth it!  I won’t compromise!     I will continue to be so heavenly minded that I am full of earthly good!

What about you?

Sometimes the cost is high.  Sometimes life is hard, but hold on.  Don’t give up.  Look up!  Jesus will indeed help you to make a difference in your part of the world.   Even in the midst of the hard trials, we have hope and can offer hope.

As for me, I want to be more like Jesus today then I was yesterday.

I want to be so heavenly minded that I am very much full of earthly good!

til next time


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  1. I also remember when that quote was very popular . . . and I often answered with the reverse. I’d hate to be so earthly minded that I’m of no heavenly good.

    Philippians 2:5 tells us to ‘let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus’.

    As you have said, HE knew what was going on here on earth and He understood the tug of worldly things, but He had His mind set steadfastly on His Father’s will and His ministry. We can do no better.

    We serve an incredibly amazing God who delights to work in us and through us.

    Comment by meetingintheclouds | February 24, 2013 | Reply

    • amen and what a privilege it is that the creator God uses us! I want to go about doing good, shining brightly for my Savor!

      Comment by Gloria | February 24, 2013 | Reply

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