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babies cry.

purple hatsI make purple caps for babies.  I have made quite a few.   I will make many more.      hatshats



There was a time when I would not have been able to tell you what those letters meant.

Shaken Baby Syndrome — although it is more accurately referred to as Abusive Head Trauma.

Sure, I had heard of that.  It was inconceivable to me that anyone would do such a thing.  I didn’t know of anyone, who knew anyone, who had first hand experience with this.  That all changed last year.

One Sunday in April, 2013, this precious little baby boy was in church with his momma and family.  He was born as a preemie and had recently been released from the hospital after fighting for his life.  He was absolutely healthy and adorable!

The next day, life as he would know it and all those who love him would know it, was drastically forever changed.   His father, whom he relied on to protect him, shook him so severely that once again this precious baby was in a fight for his life.

When I first walked into the room and saw this precious child laying in that hospital bed with all those tubes and wires  attached to him, well, there just aren’t words to adequately express the sadness.  Then the anger to think that all of this could have been prevented and should not have happened.

Raising awareness  is why I make purple caps.


purple hats

Nationally there is a campaign called  Click for Babies.  Purple caps are knitted or crocheted to be handed out to newborns  in November and December.   The goal is to increase awareness for the shaken baby prevention program known as the Period of PURPLE Crying.

Period means that crying has a beginning and an end.

What does purple stand for?


P – PEAK OF CRYING –Your baby may cry more each week. The most at 2 months, then less at 3-5 months.

U -UNEXPECTED — Crying can come and go and you don’t know why.

R – RESISTS SOOTHING — Your baby may not stop crying no matter what you try.

P -PAIN LIKE FACE — A baby crying  may look like they are in pain, when they are not.

L -LONG LASTING — Crying can last as much as 5 hours a day, or more.

E- EVENING — Your baby may cry more in the late afternoon and evening.

Babies cry.    Know that it is okay to ask for help.  If you are overwhelmed, please ask for help.   Have a plan ready.    For more information

At church we have a container in the foyer where the ladies are dropping off their purple caps.  We started collecting in November and are up over the 200 mark.

  church ladiesWay to go ladies!!  Such creativity too!

When I think of all that this precious baby has endured (and will endure)  and the overwhelming pain one senseless act set in motion, making purple hats is something tangible that I can do to help.

I also pray over the hats.  I do not know who will get this cap, but God knows.

How about you?  If you would like to join this campaign find a Click for Babies in your area. If you can’t knit or crochet, making hats with a loom is super easy.

til next time


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  1. Gloria, I love you! ❤ thank you for being so amazing!

    Comment by Brandie | January 21, 2014 | Reply

  2. Love you Brandie!!

    Comment by Gloria | January 22, 2014 | Reply

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