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good intentions

“have a plan, do the plan, be the plan,  accomplish the mission” — my husband’s formula for getting things done.

the plan

I really want to ____

Tomorrow I am going to ____

sigh  –  such good intentions

Does it really matter if I meant to do something but never got around to it?  Is there credit given for thinking about doing it?  How about credit for planning to do it?  Or at least give me credit for announcing it on Facebook.

I can have the best of intentions but if I don’t follow through and carry out the plan, then the plan is really only words.   So easily good intentions can end up being a convenient excuse.

I meant to do it.

I was going to take care of that.

I intended to get that done.

Just.  Do.  It.

The plan:  I need to start working at the church office.  Working from home is productive and I enjoy the distractions.   However,  spending time at church will help me deal with the little things that I don’t think about but are in  need of  attention.   So  Sunday I decided that this was the week.  I was going to start putting in office hours at the church.

Monday, my husband and I had a training session  out of town.  2 1/2 drive there, 4 hour meeting, time spent chatting with others after class, 2 1/2 hour drive home = no church office hours on Monday.  {By the way, I was the only woman in a room with 15 other men.  As I looked around the room, I realized that I could feel out-of-place or I could recognize that some of these men were my peers.   For some of the others,  I have been involved in ministry almost as long as they have been alive.  It was a great class on leadership by Dr.  Prascha.}

Today I have a bad case of the “I don’t wanna” happening.  Working from home in my jammies sounded perfect.    Then I remembered the plan – the good intentions that I had.


So I got dressed, grabbed my keys and headed up to the church.  Since my motivation was still lacking,  I took some much-needed time  to refocus.

My prayer:

May they see You in me.

Lord, I give you my heart.

Lord, have Your way in me.

Then I was ready to tackle the long list of things needing attention.  What a productive day!  My husband may be on to something with this whole “have a plan,  do the plan, be the plan, accomplish the mission.”

til next time


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