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dream of being a mom

Dreams — some come true.  Some don’t.  Some dreams take a slight turn and end up better than originally expected.  Some dreams are just that – dreams.

It was on this day – a few years back – that I became a mom.  I remember dreaming about this day.   How beautiful the sound of that first cry would be.  I was put on bed rest for four months so there was lots of time for anticipation to build.

Right before they wheeled me into the operating room for the c-section,  they informed us that there was a problem.  The placenta of the first baby was on the top.  Cutting through this would stop life support to the baby.  It is vital that they act quickly.  They may have to usher the first baby out to another room to be worked on.  I was not to panic if I did not hear the baby cry.  What?  Fear attempted to grip my heart.   Don’t panic?  Apparently the doctor knew for some time that delivery was going to be a challenge.  Yet he neglected to share this news with us.   I looked at Curt and asked him to call my mom to pray.

The nurse had trouble getting the epidural in just the right spot.   After the fourth attempt,  she decided that it just wasn’t going to work and they would have to put me out.  I begged her to try again.  I needed to, I had to be awake during this.  She agreed to try one more time.  What a picture that would have been.  There were ladies on both sides of me pulling me forward, so she could find the spot.   It worked!  Only later did I realize the seriousness of what she was doing and what could have gone wrong.  God is good!

For someone who is a very private person, there were more people in that room than could hardly fit.  Each baby had their own doctor, nurse, specialist, and someone else that I don’t know what their role was.  Then there was the staff there for me.  Also, I  believe there were people watching as a teaching moment.  Good thing I had the health of my babies on my mind.

Before they started, my darling husband was kneeling right beside me.  He was and is my rock!  He was saying all the right comforting things.

How did I repay him?  I threw up all over him.  We joke now, but at the time he handled it oh so well.  He didn’t even bat an eye.  It was like he wasn’t really kneeling there with vomit all over him.

It was time to begin; those precious boys were ready.

Then I heard it.   Splat!  Something hit the floor.  Panic!  What was that?

Someone told me, “It was just the placenta hitting the floor.”

What?  Well, that was comforting.  😦  However, before I could process all that.  I heard it.  The sound I had longed for.  My baby’s cry.

Doctor asked the time.  11:30

While I was still processing my joy at hearing that cry, I hear the doctor ask for the time again.  ??  The second baby was out and crying.  Relief washed over me.    Time – 11:30.  Well, the doctor told the nurse that we can’t have that, so make the second baby time be 11:31.

Later I would find out that the doctor on call was the best doctor to handle this situation.  Again there is God taking care of things.  1 Peter 5:7Casting all your care upon him; for He careth for you.”

even slept alikeMy precious boys in the early years!

all grown up My precious boys all grown up now!

I couldn’t be prouder.  Raising them was such a blessing.   Now seeing them as responsible adults is such a joy.  Although, they will always be my babies.

Dreams.  Some dreams come true.  Having these two precious children was even better than I had dreamed about.  That first year is kind of a blur.  I do remember  standing over their bassinets, time and time again,  with tears running down my face as my heart would swell with such joy and love.  What a precious miracle was right there in front of me.

As the years went by, that miracle became more and more real.  My dream of having more children would be just that – a dream.  I had always thought I would have a house full of children.  Having twins first just made me think God was giving us a great start.

Dealing with disappointment is part of life.  My heart breaks for those women who want children so bad and can’t have them.  As the years went by with no more children, I cherished even more the twins that I was blessed with – not once taking their precious lives for granted.  Children are indeed a gift from God.

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  1. What a blessing reading this! Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by meetingintheclouds | April 25, 2014 | Reply

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