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soul tank? huh?

Recently I was sitting in a break out session at a Pastor’s/spouse retreat when the speaker (Carol Alexander) said something so profound and yet so simple.  She was talking about our spiritual tanks and our soul tanks.

She said,  “These tanks are filled differently.”


The spiritual tank I am very familiar with.   It is a reflection of my relationship with Jesus.  There are many ways I keep that full – spending time with Jesus, growing in my faith,  reading His Word, trusting Him, meditating, prayer,  praise and worship, walking in obedience,  going to church, giving and receiving grace and mercy…

I also am very well aware of what happens as it begins to run dry.  Freshness is gone.  My life begins to resemble stale bread and I am much more susceptible to negativity.   Operating  more out of the fleshly side of me than the spirit side of me becomes visible.   Irritation is right below the surface and the list goes on.  What I couldn’t  understand was when some of these same things would pop up even when I was spiritually full.  This made absolutely no sense to me.   I would then caulk it up to hormones or peri-menopause.

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.”  3 John 1:2 (NASB)

Just as your soul prospers – I have read this scripture many times, even quoted it.

Taking a long hard look at my soul/emotional tank, I realized that it was in need of CPR.  The tendency to see all the things that need to be done makes it easy to put off things I want to do.

every day

God has been trying to tell me this for awhile.



Educate your soul — make time to read, learn something new, take that class that you’ve been talking about for years, stretch your brain

Refresh your soul — have fun, get together with friends, take a bubble bath, find what refreshes you and do it regularly.

Since my sister and brothers were 10, 12, and 14 years older than me, I pretty much grew up an only child.  I learned early on how to entertain myself.  Living life to the fullest was in my DNA and it still is.  It seems to have gotten buried under the load of responsibilities.

Responsibilities.  Also in my DNA is my mother’s work ethic.  I can’t seem to do the things I want to do when there is so much that needs to be done.    Maybe that is why I seem to collect an assortment of teas and books.  I love the idea of drinking tea and reading for hours but hardly ever give myself the luxury of doing just that.   In reality, it is (for me) necessary in refreshing my soul.  I see that now.

I picked up on a tell-tale sign, for me, that my soul tank is depleting.   It is when I get the overwhelming sense that I am dealing with this (valley, trial, test, sickness, death, pain) alone.  Now it is important to realize that this feeling is a lie but nonetheless it is a strong feeling that must be dealt with.  The truth is that God is always with me and there are people I can turn to who truly care.  This feeling of ‘being all alone’ is magnified when you think someone is there for you only to find out they really aren’t.   When that happens, I encourage you to open your eyes and see the people who are there for you.  In those times when it is just you and God then know that you and God are indeed more than enough.  He is for you and with you!   Make sure both tanks (spiritual and soul) are full.  It is important to being whole.

This song is only 2:06 long – if you have time – let these words sink into your very being.

When I walk through deep waters – I know that You will be with me.
When I’m standing in the fire – I will not be overcome.
Through the valley of the shadows – I will not fear.
I am not alone — I am not alone — You will go before me.  You will never leave me.
You’re my strength; You’re my defender.  You’re my refuge in the storm.  Through these trials You have always been faithful. You bring healing to my soul.
I am not alone — I am not alone — You will go before me.  You will never leave me.

til next time


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