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don’t get your undies in a bunch

Maybe it is because I am married to a Philosophy instructor …  maybe I have been subjected to one too many examples of  logical fallacies …  or it could be because our Wednesday night Bible study has had some tough  questions and at times differing opinions …   then again maybe it is just a peri-menopausal day.   Whatever it may be, as a society, it seems that we are not taught how to rationally discuss an issue without getting our undies in a bunch or our feelings hurt.

For all you Christians out there — please note that Psalm 119:165 instructs us to not allow offense to take root.  “Great peace have they that love Thy law and nothing shall offend them.”

Lesson 101:  It is ok to agree to disagree but not ok to be disagreeable.  There is a difference!

(a side note — When I am passionate about something I have a tendency to increase both speed and volume.  This in no way means that I am angry.  Some people cannot differentiate between passion and anger.  For them, volume level determines anger.   As a teacher/preacher my volume level naturally increases as I address a group – again nothing to do with anger.)

I like to talk with people who think differently than me.  It causes me to stop and rethink issues.  My beliefs can withstand questioning.   My relationship with my Savior has withstood all sorts of questions.  God is not afraid of questions.

Sometimes after such questioning my understanding is adjusted.    Iron sharpens iron.  (Proverbs 27:17)   I would not begin to claim that I have the correct understanding of every scripture God gave to man.   I love it when someone sheds a new perspective on a scripture.

God’s Word is alive and the more we study it – the more we will grow in our understanding of what it says.

Here are some observations I have seen of people who get their undies in a bunch:

Something is said that hits close to home and instead of dealing with the issue the person becomes offended that someone would dare to disagree with them or dare to point out a problem.

They hold grudges.  Do you wear your feelings on your sleeve?  Are you overly sensitive?  Do you get offended easily?  In the words of a popular animated movie — “Let It Go!!!”  Life is way too short to waste time holding grudges.  Look for the best in people.

Pride rears its ugly head and instead of having a  rational discussion, they divert the attention to something else that isn’t of any consequence.  It is an attempt to take the spotlight off of the real issue.   Pride keeps us trapped.  It is truth that sets us free.  It is ok to say “I don’t know the answer to that.”  It is pride that makes us want to appear all-knowing.

The person somehow thinks that if they are  a bit more forceful that then surely all others will agree with them.  My least favorite discussion is with someone who is arrogant.  (pearls before swine comes to mind – Matt 7)

Tolerance seems to be the ‘battle cry’ these days.  Yet, there are some who are screaming the loudest and seem to have no tolerance for Christians and their beliefs.  I make no apology that I am a believer in Jesus, a disciple of the Word, a servant of the Most High God and that I am far from perfect but I am forgiven.  God is working on me and He is not done.   I also recognize that you have the free will to believe what you choose to believe and to reject or embrace Jesus.   I will (with God’s help) express love (not hate) to you, even if you are determined to make my life miserable.   Jesus calls us to do good to those who hate us.  (Matthew 5:43-48)

 While we may not agree, I recognize that you have the freedom to think the way you do.  I will agree to disagree.  Will you?

I choose to not get my undies in a bunch.  (My daddy would be so proud!!  He is the one who used to remind me to not get my undies in a bunch.  Daddy I am mastering that!)

til next time


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