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dirt therapy

Dirt therapy how I have missed you!  I may be sore in the morning.  Who am I kidding?  I am sore now but, oh so grateful I can finally handle it!!  I managed to only get one thorn stuck in my thumb.  Success!dirt therapy

Landscaping is nice IF you keep up with it or you have a gardener that will take care of it for you.

Last year I was physically unable to do much yard work.  The very little that I did was quite painful.   If you were to have watched me today, you might have thought it was painful still.  My knee and foot demanded that I slowly ease myself to the ground.  Getting up made me giggle as I thought about how it must look. It didn’t stop me.

hostas look so good in springThe tiger lilies have finally filled in and now we have a nice camouflaged dog kennel.

pine tree and tiger lillies

                what dog kennel?

Once again a bird  has built her nest in the pine tree.  This time outside the kennel fencing.

momma bird

I love working in the dirt. It reminds me of my dad.  It also gives me plenty of meditation time. (I think that is why my dad liked it too.)

Another huge reason I enjoy gardening is that you see results. I can stand back and see the difference. Sure I will have to weed it again but at this moment it is mighty fine!!dirt therapy

So much of my life does not have immediate results.

If I am not meditating then I tend to break out into song.

“You and I were made to worship.  You and I were called to love.  You and I are forgiven and free.  When you and I embrace surrender, when you and I choose to believe, then you and I will see who we were meant to be.  Even the rocks cry out.  Even the heavens shout at the sound of Your holy name…..” 

I giggled again as I thought about whether or not singing is the same as talking to yourself?  Then I decided I wasn’t singing to myself.    I had an audience – Jesus.

patioOf course I have daisies.


This year my husband put in the vegetable garden for me while I was at a meeting.  My hero!

peas and beans are peekingAlways a reminder of my step-dad.  He brought these all the way from MN.  They sure multiply quickly.

columbinesThe sound of running water makes my gardens complete.


Dirt therapy — give it a try.

til next time


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