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What word would you pick that describes an area in your life you would like to see improvement in?

Maybe you have read the book One Word.  You are encouraged to choose one  word that you will focus on for the next year. The idea is by keeping that word in front of you, you will be more apt to see real growth in that area.

For example – simplify was my word one year.  I decided to keep track of the things I got rid of by either giving or throwing  them away.  I stopped counting after I was over 1,000. Yes, I said over 1,000. Crazy!! But it did take me close to a year and hubby helped.

Oh,  the things we accumulate. Less is more.

I was at a conference awhile back where the speaker asked us to pick one word that would describe the work God was doing in us during that conference.  We were to then write that word on a rock and place it somewhere that we would often see it.


My rock sits on my desk.

Intentional -to be a person who lives a life of purpose on purpose!

Intentional – not just getting by

Intentional  about my studying

Intentional about my relationships with God, Curtis, my children, my friends/family/church

Intentional about my witness.  Letting my light shine brightly on purpose.

I have seen God use that word to teach me things about myself I had tried to ignore.  Being intentional has helped me genuinely love those whose choices deeply pained me. Intentional has caused me to look at things differently.

It has been a great journey. The time is approaching for a new word.  Not that I have learned all there is about being intentional but it is time for a new focus.

There are so many words to choose from.  Which one will be next?  How about you?  I challenge you to pick a word that will help you grow as a person of integrity.

til next time

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