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bass player?

When I grow up I want to be a head banging, feet jumping bass player??  Yes, maybe I have found what I want to be when I grow up.

Yesterday my husband and I walked into a used guitar shop looking for a bass.

Since I know very little about what is good and I have trusted their input in the past, I told the salesman what I was looking for and that I knew nothing about bass guitars.    His response (not moving an inch) was to point to the left wall and say something about there they are. (Where was the owner who has been so helpful in the past?)

After a few minutes, I reminded the salesman that I know nothing about the differences, well, except for price.  Again, he just sat there mumbled something about not buying a particular brand but they didn’t carry that one right now anyway.  Pretty much any one of their bass guitars would do.


So I did what I should have done first.  I call my son.  (We were just looking initially.  I would have talked to him before buying but when I saw the prices and figured I could get  one that day, then I was grateful Chris could come right then.)

“Help!!  Can you help me??”

Actually one of the things I said to my son was, “There is no one who knows anything about bass guitars that will help me.”   True statement.

When I hung up, the salesman says to me, “Hey! What am I?  Don’t I know something about guitars?”

I just turned to look at him and held up my hands and said, “Well??”

Finally,  he put down his magazine and got off his behind.  He walked over to the  row of bass guitars.    At this point I asked a few questions but  I was waiting for my son.

My son came and looked over the bass that I liked how it looked.  Isn’t that how you pick out a bass?  He plugged it into the amp we were looking at getting.  The salesman had recommended one twice as large – even after I told him the room that it would be used in was a very live room.

Then Chris started playing the bass.  He really has never shown an interest in the bass.  I am not sure,  this may have been his first time actually playing one.  He is a fabulous guitar player and he knows his stuff.   I wonder how long before I can play like that, if I will ever be able to play like that.    That’s my boy!

I  thanked my son and told him the salesman should thank him for the commission that he gave him.  🙂  My son told his father that the salesman is probably only used to selling to potheads and teenagers.

It is possible he didn’t know how to make a sale to a woman.  It is possible that when I told him I was going to teach myself how to play bass so that I would have a bass player when needed, that he didn’t really think that was true.  I didn’t see his look, but my husband informed him that I had taught myself how to play piano.  I did see that eyebrow raise.  Maybe he has an issue with worship bands.    I am pretty sure there was some stereotyping going on in his head.

Here’s my baby!  Almost nine years ago I was given a gift of money and hadn’t quite figured out how I wanted to spend it.  (Pretty good for me.)  This is a wonderful reminder of the love intended with the gift.   bass

On a side note, this guitar came with a gig bag.  (It was the one good thing that came out of the salesman getting off his behind.  He told us how to tell if it came with a gig bag, hard case or no bag.)  They couldn’t find the bag that went with it so I was given a brand new bag. Just a little icing on the cake — the favor of God!!

The salesman did apologize before we walked out of the store.  There is hope for this next generation.

When I grow up, I want to be a head banging, feet jumping bass player!  Be looking for a video in the near future!

til next time


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