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what can we do?

As I think about the turmoil, sadness, and fear in our land after the recent events the question that keeps surfacing is — What can we do?

There is evil in this world – clearly that is evident. People have free will – clearly that is evident.

Pray, and pray is what I have been doing and will continue to do. It is powerful. Prayer makes a difference. One of the biggest things prayer does is change the person who is praying.  Oh, that more people would pray.

God is still on the throne. He offers forgiveness, peace, comfort, joy, help….. an ever present help in trouble. (Psalm 46:1 — trouble is real but so is God’s help) People doing horrendously evil acts does not change the fact that God loves us and He is with us.

Mother Teresa is known for saying that she saw Jesus in each face she touched. What a difference our world would be if that become the norm.

I do not live in Dallas, Baton Rouge or St. Paul but I can make a difference in my corner of the world. I can spread God’s love to those I meet. I can look for opportunities to do good. I can refuse to let fear rule my thoughts and actions. I can speak up for justice. I can and will let God work through me.

What about You?


mother teresa


May my life reflect You, Jesus, my Savior, King, Lord, and Friend!

til next time,


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