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bug zapper

Bugs are drawn to the light. If that light is a bug zapper, well, you know the end result.  bug-zapper

As Christians we are to let our light shine.   People are drawn to the Christ they see in us.  When they get close to us, do they find love in action or do we resemble more of a bug zapper?   Are we quick to express judgment,  disapproval, or irritation?

Oh, I hope that is not what they find.

“Don’t be a bug zapper Christian. We cannot shine a bright appealing light and offer nothing but pain. We must offer a real warm and inviting love that welcomes all and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work – not trying to do it for Him in our own way.” Susan  Briggs


It is the Holy Spirit that brings about change in a person’s life.  It is the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth.  (John 15:13)

We are to let our light shine so that others will see and glorify God.  Just like a light bulb lights up a dark room, may our lives brightly shine forth the light of Christ.

“I don’t want to be a casual Christian.  I don’t want to live a lukewarm life.  Cuz I want to light up the night with an ever lasting light — I don’t want to live a  casual Christian life.”  “Casual Christian” by DeGarmo and Key



Something to think about – do you behave like a bug zapper or a light bulb?
Let’s encourage, lift up, and point people to Christ!
til next time,
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