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loving life part 8

I love my life.   (loving life part 7)

Jesus came to give us life abundant. (John 10:10) He didn’t die so we would be miserable.

I love my life. This is not synonymous with “My Life Is Easy.”

I love my job does not mean my job is a cake walk.

There are times that I have told my husband that I don’t know anyone who has pushed through something like this. I’m not sure I can or that I want to. (an example: my mother died on a Friday. We managed, by the grace of God, to get to her bed side before she died. It was the longest 6 hour drive. We met with the funeral home that next day and then headed home for services on Sunday. We got home very late. I played piano and led worship that next morning. Who does that?) Yet God’s grace is enough.

There are hard times but guess what? This is no surprise to God. In the world you will have tribulations. In the world it is going to really stink at times.

Jesus said – “be of good cheer” – be – we choose.

I love my life. I refuse to let the devil win. I refuse to wallow in “I don’t like this, this is too much, this hurts, I can’t do this…..” I am not going to go there.

I love my life. You can love your life too.


psalm 143 8

til next time

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