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God in the details

I love the story of Moses and the Red Sea. (Exodus 14) He is leading the Israelites out of captivity into the unknown – headed to the Promise Land, with Pharaoh’s army on their heels.

Army behind – sea in front. Now what?

  • God is in the details.
  • A staff.
  • The water parts.
  • Dry land.
  • They cross.
  • Incredible.
  • That’s not all. The waters return and drown their enemies.
  • What a sight that must have been.

“You blew with Your wind, the sea covered them;

They sank like lead in the mighty waters.

“Who is like You among the gods, O Lord?

Who is like You, majestic in holiness,

Awesome in praises, working wonders?

“You stretched out Your right hand,

The earth swallowed them.” Exodus 15:10-12 NASB

God is still in the wonder working business. Covid19 can seem like a sea in front of us holding us back. Don’t lose sight of the fact that God is greater. There is no one like our God. He is majestic in holiness and the God of wonders.

Do you trust Him? It will show up in your actions. Oh, may our lives reflect the reality of the love and power of The Great and Mighty God we serve.

Father open our eyes to see Your fingerprints that are all over our lives.

til next time

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