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What books have you read?  I’m always looking for good books to read.

I have found a daily devotional that I can highly recommend  — Jesus Calling or Jesus Today by Sarah Young

** Books I highly recommend

Books read:

**1oo Ways to Simplify your Life by Joyce Meyers Peace is simple and sweet.  Strife blocks our blessings and opens the door for all kinds of trouble.  Strife weakens us but agreement increases our power.    Your life can be greatly simplified by learning how to receive grace in every situation.  Without it, we all labor with life and everything becomes hard, difficult and usually impossible.

Act Two – a Novel in Perfect Pitch by Kimberly Stuart  For fiction, it was good.  I rarely read fiction though.

And Then There Were Two by Cliff Schimmels   Written as an easy book to read.  He does address many of the issues the empty nesters face.  A good book if you are facing an empty nest.

At the Feet of Jesus by Brian Shipman  This book at the people, in the Gospels, who are found at the feet of Jesus.  Some chapter titles are:  I’ve prayed and prayed – now what?  Keeping your dreams alive, Cultivating a thankful heart, A prescription for pain,  Finding God in unexpected places.

Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be by Donna Partow  This book is divided into 90 days.  I went through this book with a group of ladies – an online Bible study.  Donna pretty much addresses most every issue we face as women.  It was like eating a chicken dinner.  Those things that jumped off the page I dealt with.  Some of her ideas were not for this season of my life.  Over all the book was great and gave me tools that I am still using.

**Boundaries by Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend   This book addresses boundaries in areas that I hadn’t given any thought to.  I would have loved to have had this book cross my path in the early days of ministry.  It addresses the topic of forgiveness very thoroughly.

Change Before You Have To by Rob Ketterling    On page 32 there are  a couple of scripture misprints.  It is not Psalm127:41 but 127:4, and not Eph 6:25-29 but 5:25-29.  In that paragraph Rob states that men are the priests of the home.  When I asked Rob for the correct scripture references and if he could give me a scripture that supports men being the priest of the home, I only received back the scripture corrections.  Sadly, I cannot find any scripture that states men are the priest of the home.  All in the all, the book was worth reading.

**Crazy Love by Francis Chan “Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers.”   He talks about what it means to love, be obsessed with loving Christ.  “If we love, then we obey. Period.”  “We experience Him by stepping out in faith….I have found that intimacy with God comes from being alone with Him, but also from clinging to Him through difficult times of ministry.”

**Dear Boy by Heather Weber.  This is an epistolary memoir.  It is one of those rare books that once I started, I found it hard to put it down and do other things.  It draws you in.

**Forever Changed by Norman Wenig   Great book  – full of true life stories of God’s healing power

Forgiving our parents forgiving ourselves – Dr. David Stoop  I was asked to read this book as my friend had some issues with it.  Overall it was an ok book and if you feel resentment toward your parents or had a miserable upbringing – it may be helpful.   He had a lot of good things to say about forgiveness.  “In working through the process of forgiveness, we need to figure out how our own expectations may have set the stage for our being hurt.  Part of maturity is accepting responsibility for our own outlook on life and relationships.  If others have hurt us by failing to live up to our expectations, then one of the things we need to do is to examine whether those expectations maybe have been inappropriate and unrealistic.”  page 206

Forgotten God by Francis Chan “Jesus Christ did not die in order to follow us.  Instead so that we could forget everything else and follow Him.  You have a choice each day to depend on yourself, to live safely and to try to control your life or you can live as you were created to live – as a temple of the Holy Spirit of God, as a person dependent on Him, desperate for God the Spirit to show up and make a difference.”

Heaven is for real by Todd Burpo   What a great read!  Very inspiring and uplifting.   The book has raised a lot of negative press outside Christian circles, but what is it they are really afraid of?    The book just made me want to see my Jesus all the more!  And if my daddy is running around in a younger body up there — woo hoo!!!!!

**I Blame Eve by Susanna Foth Aughtmon  This book addresses the area of ‘being in control.’  Her chapter on the Eden Gene was insightful.  Some of her chapter titles are:  I think God is holding out on me, I would rather not take responsibility for my actions, I don’t like waiting, I am a wreck, I am not in control, I am ready for a new out of control me.

**If I’m God’s Handiwork, would someone please explain these thighs!  by Cathy Lechner.  Read this book for the second time – which is very rare for me.  Great book for women in ministry especially.

Live Courageously by Joyce Meyer  “God would rather we listen to His Word, but He loves us enough to touch our circumstances if He has to.  This book deals with the role that feelings, fear, passivity, perspective and reasoning play in our lives.

My One Word by Mike Ascraft  Picking one word that will help you stay focused on spiritual growth.  Some of my words in the past have been — Simplify,  Gratitude, Sparkle, and currently Intentional

**One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voscamp — highly recommend this book.  It will challenge you to see God in the mundane things.  Truly God is everywhere.  May we be aware of His presence.

**Overflow by Scotty Gibbons  This is an easy read, but it has a powerful punch.  It addresses the topic of giving.  Giving is suppose to be fun for all involved.

**Overwhelmed One Woman’s Journey with Breast Cancer by Karen Norton  Her real life journey of struggle and hope.

Postcards from Menopause by Lois Mowday Rabey  This time of life is a process.  It is not a permanent destination.  Time will pass, moments of calmness will increase, and the feelings of fragmentation will disappear.”

Primal – by Mark Batterson.  I was asked to do a review on this book.  You can read it by clicking Primal – not just another book (December 2009)

**Principles of Perseverance by Wes Daughenbaugh   click here to check out the book review

**Redeemed by Kerry Clarensau  – great book — encouraging word   Here is a quote:  “.. embracing God’s love changes us, understanding the depth of His love calms our fears, increases our faith, strengthens our obedience and escalates our joy!  I’ve learned to trust his love even when my circumstances don’t make sense and situations seem out of control.”

Resting in Him -I need to slow  down, but I can’t by Margaret Feinberg   Great book with discussion questions after each chapter.

Stardust on my pillow by Patsy Clairmont.  This is a book of 14 short fictional stories.  Fiction is not my go to kind of book but this was excellently done.

Take God at His Word – Experience the Power of Giving by Dr. Kregg Hood   click here to go to my blog about this book

The Grave Robber – Mark Batterson  I have read many of Mark’s books and this would be my number one pick.  There are lots of nuggets in here.  This book is a bit more well rounded than some of the others.  He addresses the miracles of Jesus.  He shares both his victories and his failures which makes this book more balanced.  I remember reading Chasing a Lion down a pit and while the book was encouraging it seemed to weigh heavily on just going for it and lacked the other side of the equation of counting the cost.  We can fall into the ditch on either side.   “You can’t expect God to do the supernatural if you aren’t willing to do the natural.”  p.116

The Radical Question by David Platt  Are we making Jesus into a nice middle class American Jesus?  David brings up some interesting points. 

**The Shoe Box by Patsy Clairmont  – what a perfect book for a shoe lover! Go Patsy

Walking With God by John Eldredge.  He gives you food for thought in hearing from God daily.

**When Women Long for Rest by Cindi McMenamin  This is my second time through this book.  I rarely read many books twice.  It is a keeper

Currrently reading:

 The Best Yes by Lisa Terkeurst

Cooking With Hot Flashes (2nd time around reading this one)

Act Normal by Scott Wilson

Come back Churches by Ed Stetzer and Mike Dodson — looks like I won’t be finishing this book any time soon.  Not that it is a bad book but too many better books for this season of my life.

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