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My life is anything but bland, (that is except for possibly my food).  Life is the thing that happens while I am making  plans and going through the daily ‘routine’.    It’s just that very rarely is my life the same old same old.  Truly being a Christian is exciting.   What will God do with me today?  How will He use me?  What lessons will I learn?

I have purposed in my heart that this year I am going to be more aware of the abundant life that God has for me.   I am mindful to live in the moment.  I also am incorporating margins back into my daily life.  I am trying to be aware of the choices that I am making.

All of that leads me to the choice I made the other night.   If I have a choice between spicy or bland food, I take bland every time.  Add a little pepper and I am good to go.  I would rather not have my tongue screaming for water. 

 Thursday night Curt and I went out to TGI Fridays.   This is not a usual hang out for us so the menu is still very new.  Choices, so many choices.  *sigh*  However, the next day was the weigh in day.   In order to be good, I ordered one of the two things they have on their menu listed as low fat.  **patting myself on the shoulder**

It was the dragon fire chicken.  It sounded really yummy.  Chicken on a bed of rice with this sauce, a bit of that, some more of this, and mandarin oranges.  The picture and the mandarin oranges are what sold me on it.  It did help when the waitress said that it was one of her favorites.

When it arrived it actually looked similar to the picture.  That rarely happens. 

I began to eat and then my mouth was on fire!   I’m quickly thinking wha… what did I order???  Then it hits me.  Dragon fire chicken –  dragon fire chicken!   How did I miss that??? 

I’ll tell you how I missed that.  I was all wrapped up in this whole ‘gotta be good’  – ‘weigh in is tomorrow”  that I completely overlooked the dragon fire

I did manage to eat it.  I drank a lot of water (mine, Curt’s, and then mine again).  I kept telling Curt to look out because I was going to be breathing out flames at any point.  He just chuckled and continued eating his ribs and fries.  (ribs and fries *~* pouting now)  By the time I was done my tonsils were burning.   I am talking spicy hot.

After leaving the resturant we head over to Hy-Vee.  Hy-Vee has a lot of unusual things.  Curt decided to get some papaya chunks and crystallized ginger.  We do like to try new things.

Curt did comment, at the check out lane, that I have certainly changed the way I grocery shop.  Not a piece of junk food in the whole bunch.  It really did look pathetic.  Where were the pop tarts, chips, chocolate, and ice cream?? 

On the way home I open the ginger so we could  give it a try.   After all the package said “enjoy this tasty slice of sweet and spicy ginger as an after dinner mint or….”  After the dragon fire chicken I certainly could use some type of after dinner mint.  Once again I missed an important part of the description –  “spicy”.

I will say that if you want to awaken your taste buds, or maybe I should say alarm your taste buds, try some.  Even Curt, who likes his food spicy, was surprised at the punch that a little piece had.  It was indeed unusual and quite hot.

Later that evening we convinced Andrew to try it.  It was funny.  We then told him he could encourage his friends to try it also.  After all it is a very unusual taste.  Certainly my food choices were an adventure. 

The life lesson to be learned – in the zeal of trying to eat healthy don’t overlook key words.  😛

til next time

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how many days left??

The 100 day ‘get fit’ challenge has started.  There is something almost exciting about starting a diet.  It is even more so when there are a bunch of you all starting at the same time.   We have 10 people in our group.  Our fearless leader even managed to get one of the doctors to join.  Go king pin.

There is an electricity in the air.  On day one king pin cleaned out the cupboard at work.  No junk food for us.  She pitched a bunch of non-healthy snacks.  We really were a junk food junkie kind of group before this.  *sigh*

This morning I brought up a bushel load of diet pop to restock the frig and what did my eyes see when I opened the frig door??  A big ol bag of m & m’s.  I’m talking a jumbo ziplock bag – huge! 

Apparently someone forgot to tell Dr. B (from another office)  that we are all getting fit and trim.  So there I sit holding the bag and Jackie (aka Gidget) walks in.  Busted.    Did I mention the bag didn’t belong to me, nor was it opened??  LOL  Well, Gidget was quick to remedy that.  I should mention that I am not generally tempted by m& m’s but who knows.  After all it was the only junk food in the place.

  One of the girls lost 3 pounds already.  Go Sharon!!   We are certainly still in the honeymoon stage of this whole diet thing.   It is still very upbeat.  I hope the momentum continues.

I am glad that I joined.  I still hope that I don’t gain that 5 pounds I talked about earlier.  What I have decided is that I am going to focus on being mindful of the food I eat.   It is so easy to just grab a snack or piece of candy and continue on with whatever it is that I am doing.   I want to be mindful of what I am doing, and of what I am eating.

In fact mindful is the thing I am focusing on as this year starts.   Mindful – aware, attentive.  To really live in each moment.  I am great at multitasking but I am not so sure that has been a good thing.  To be mindful…. 

I am also working on being mindful of the abundant life that Jesus has for me.  Joy unspeakable and full of glory!!   It is so easy to get caught up in multitasking and schedules that my life no longer would be described as joyful – abundant.   It would better be described as too busy.  That is not the way it should be.  I am looking at things a bit different.  I am mindful of the wonderful things in my life.  I am taking time to live in the moment.

Getting back to this whole diet.  How many days are left??   It is going to be an adventure!! 

til next time

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doc’s dolly’s

What??   That is one name that was mentioned for our group.  Actually one of the husband’s refers to us that way already.  Oy!!  Just because we are a bunch of women and we work for an eye doctor.  Yeah, well his sense of humor needs adjusting  – no pun intended 🙂 

I plunked down my $20.00 this afternoon and caved to the peer pressure.   I am now part of our Get fit America team.  I did inform the ‘king pin’ that when all this is said and done, I better not be 5 pounds heavier.  It was pretty much a threat. LOL  Although I dare say she is not one bit afraid.  😛

Since this is something I am doing with my friends – does it qualify as fun??  The verdict isn’t in on that one.  I do know my attitude is a bit skeptical.

I do believe that the condition of our bodies is important to God.  I do believe that our friends can encourage us to get healthier or ….  I also know that the weight issue is like a diamond.  It has many different sides. 

I will, no doubt, be blogging about the experience.  I must say the beginning is off to a rocky start.  I phoned Curt this afternoon and told him I had to decide today and I was leaving it up to him.  That way I can blame him either way.  LOL  I crack myself up sometimes with my logic.

I told him I really didn’t want to waste $20.00 and end up gaining 5 pounds.   I will always have the t-shirt.   He said he wasn’t real worried about the $20.00 but was a bit concerned about the 5 pounds.  LOL    He did think there could have some benefits to being a part of something in the community. 

So the deed is done.  No turning back.  I guess you have to record your weight and activities.  Hmmm is typing an activity?? 

I’ll be adding a new category – Get fit America.

til next time

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not another diet

“Get fit America” is coming to my town again this year.  I avoided it last year like the plague.  Just the mention of a diet, followed by stepping on the scale, will produce a guaranteed weight gain for me.

This year some of my friends started talking about forming a work group.  (This could be a draw back to working with your friends.  LOL)  Instead of waiting for the notion to pass, one of them jumped on the bandwagon.  It has now taken on momentum and some have already plunked down hard earned cash.  *sigh* – peer pressure

Being the true friend that I am I told the ‘king pin’ I would be her cheering section.  I do that real well.  That wasn’t what she had in mind.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for getting fit.  I am all for losing weight.  I know that I will feel better.  I will have more energy.  What I don’t want to happen is the aforementioned weight gain.

I am changing the way I look at food.  I have always loved to eat.  I have not always had a weight problem.  I am trying to relearn right habits and get rid of old cemented bad habits. 

Fast food has  not been my friend.  It is way to handy when you are in a rush.  Ah, there is a key for me.  Slow down, don’t fill my schedule so full that fast food seems the only option.

I have til Friday to make up my mind as to whether or not I am going to join the group.  Whether I join the group or not, I do know that getting fit is on my list of things to focus on this year. 

This is something I know God is prompting me to deal with.  Oh, if it wasn’t so hard.

til next time

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