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Triumphal entry

Holy Week
The triumphal entry (part 1)

Jesus is leaving Jericho heading to Jerusalem – 17 miles Three times He tells his disciples what will happen there – death and resurrection. They don’t get it.

As he left Jericho a great crowd follows him. Two blind men sitting by the road cried out to Him. The multitude tried to quiet them. They got all the louder. “Have mercy on us, O Lord, Son of David.”

What did Jesus do?

“So Jesus stood still and called them, and said, “What do you want Me to do for you?” They said to Him, “Lord, that our eyes may be opened.” So Jesus had compassion and touched their eyes. And immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed Him.” Matthew 20:32-33

V 32 He stood still, and called them, He was on His way to Jerusalem, He knew what was ahead and yet he stood still. He met them in that moment.

What Do We Do? Are we in such a hurry that we don’t hear or see what is going on around us? We should be willing to stop, stand still and do good.

Lord, help me to not be so focused on my agenda, in such a hurry to get to the next thing that I don’t see the need right in front of me. Help me to be Your hand extended today.

Let them see You in me,

til next time

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timeshare presentation – waste of time?

Time shares

We are very familiar with time shares.  My in-law’s owned five.   We have enjoyed using their time shares over the years.

So when we found out that our trip included a time share presentation, we knew what to expect.

Upon checking into the hotel we were informed to allow two hours for this meeting.   We both looked at each other and smiled.  Two hours, really?  That would be nice as then we would have more ocean beach time.  However, we knew that it would be much longer than that.  Why can’t they just be honest?  sigh

From the moment we encountered our tour guide, I knew that this was no coincidence.  This was a divine appointment.

First thing we did was tell Yolanda that our mother had a time share in Florida that was ours if we wanted to take over the maintenance fees.  We didn’t  want to.   She would try to get us through this process as quickly as possible.  After all, the ocean was calling us.   From that point on the conversation shifted, but first we had to sit through an hour of group discussion and lunch.  While I think that this part of it could be illuminated, it did allow for chit-chat with our guide.

Even before Yolanda knew we were ministers, she began to share the trials she was going through.  A listening, caring ear was all it took for her to open up.   She would share burden after burden.   Right before our eyes we could see her countenance change as we encouraged her in the Lord.  Renewed hope is a powerful thing.   Before being handed off to the next guy in the time share scheme, we were able to pray with her.   All three of us recognized this as a God ordained encounter.    What a hug from God!

Yolanda did fulfill her job requirements.  We did take a tour of the facility.  Turns out the very one they were wanting us to buy into was Vacation Village in Orlando.  Our mom has a unit there that she has been trying to unload.    We have stayed at that very  unit.     We would still need to sit through two more sales pitches after Yolanda.  Even though my husband would tell them that unless it is free we were not interested, they would still push their agenda.

FYI – if you are interested in a time share —  my mother-in-law has one she will give to you just for taking over the maintenance fees.  Or if you are at a presentation and interested in buying –  hold out for the final pitch.    It just amazes me how it goes from $28,000 to $3,000.  For us, the yearly maintenance fees and the RCI fees to exchange are more than we want to pay for a week of vacation.

For us, we knew what to expect.  It took longer than the two hours we were told.  We also knew that God had an agenda that was greater than the time share corporation.    That presentation was not wasted time but kingdom time.

Yolanda – God loves you!!

til next time


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agenda – did he go to far?

It seems that no matter what situation I may find myself in, there are those who have an agenda.  Now a lot of times this isn’t a problem.      

For example, I go to work and my boss’ agenda is that I work.  (I did tell him today that I would rather operate in the comic relief department but since that wasn’t an option then I would continue doing my job.)  As a christian I should not only do my job but do it with excellence! 

It bothers me when people have hidden agendas.  It bothers me when I come away from something feeling like I have been manipulated or at least that was the idea.   

God does not have a hidden agenda.  His plan is that ALL would come to accept the free gift of salvation that His Son paid the price for.   His agenda is that we (christians) would be His vessel that He could use to reach out to those who are misguided, hurting, lost, angry and/or just messed up.   

So I am listening to the Christian radio station the other day and I hear this interview with a minister that gave the opening prayer at the Iowa House of Representatives.  The outcome of his prayer is that future ministers will now have to submit their prayer ahead of time for approval.  Censorship? or did he go to far?   Click here to check out “Censor public prayer

Sometimes we, in our zeal for Christ, can go to far.  Did he?  I don’t know.  The agenda was to open the meeting in prayer.  This is our government, they certainly don’t need to allow that to continue.  What was this pastor’s agenda?  I don’t know.  Can we pray a sincere prayer without bein”g offensive?  Do we even care if we are offensive?  Should we care? 

When I am talking with someone who is clearly living in sin and knows it, I don’t focus on that sin.  I focus on who my Jesus is and what He means to me.    You see if they can grasp even a tiny portion of what that is, then maybe, just maybe they will want to know more about who this Jesus is that makes my life so full and complete. 

til next time

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