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fast forward and insert changing circumstances

There have been some changes in our home this week.  Two things you can count on – change and God.

There was a brief time in our married life when the only pets we had were fish.  At one point we thought about becoming fishless.  (I especially think that when it is time to clean the tank.)

Meet Jasmine


When our youngest son moved out, he wasted no time in getting a puppy.  He now realizes why we would not let him or his brother get a puppy.

Fast forward and insert changing circumstances and Jazzy came to live with us.  We dog sat while he went off to college.  He has graduated and moved home to pay off some of that huge college debt.  Jazzy is very excited.

Meet Daisy May


She loves to curl up on our bed.  She enjoys it even more now that we have added another dog to our house and only she is allowed in there.  (btw the crazy flower pillow was made by my grandmother who died in 1980)

When we got Daisy May, she was a free to good home, declawed,  and spayed  cat – everything on Curtis’ list of requirements.  She belongs to us.  Actually she is Curtis’ cat, no doubt about it.  He says it is because he feeds her.  However,  I wanted to give her away and he said no.

So my oldest son, not to be outdone by his brother, gets a puppy.   Being the good puppy grandmother that I am, he was only allowed in my house a couple of times.  There are reasons we didn’t want puppies.

Fast forward and insert changing circumstances and my son has to find a home for his dog.

Meet Killian


I was dead set against adding Killian to our household – 2 big inside dogs??  Yet, this dog has seen my son through an extremely difficult time in his life.  He is part of our family.  How could I say no without seeing if the dogs would get along?

Would the dogs get along?

Fast forward and changing circumstances = the test.  Will they get along?  Killian is much bigger than Jasmine but Jazzy wasted no time letting  Killian know she is boss.

The test


So we now have two large dogs and one very unhappy cat at our house.    It is a good thing that our cat is sneaky  and fast.

Both dogs are social and under my feet.  That will take some getting used to. Life is about how you deal with change.  I choose to see this as an adventure.

Two things you can count on — change and God.   When it comes to change, I remind myself that change does not take God by surprise.  Whatever comes my way,  I know that with God I can handle it and He will work all things out for my good.  (Romans 8:28)   God is an ever present help in trouble.  (Psalm 46:1)  God is a God of hope.  (Romans 15:13)  God’s love is unending.  (Eph 3:16-19)

til next time


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dogs have feelings too

Our cat is thrilled.  She struts around the house.  She hasn’t ‘yelled’ at me all week.  She is one happy kitty.  See the dog is gone. 

It is has been a week since Curt took Daisy to the Humane society.  Last Wednesday was the final straw.  She had three accidents (small but none the less still messes) all in the morning.   If only one of us was home more, that would have made a big difference.  I volunteered to stay home – for the good of the dog of course 🙂  You know how far that got me.  LOL

I still find myself keeping the crusts for her and looking for her when I come in the door.  I guess I was more attached than I thought.   She is the most loving dog.   

We gave her four months.  On the one hand, four very long months.  On the other hand, only four months.   She adapted really well, that is except for that occasional one small thing.  The longest she was able to be successful was a week.  That is not long. 😦

What is the problem now?  Tonight after supper Curt told me he called the Humane society.  He wanted to tell them a couple of things he had  forgotten and to check on her.  If only they would have said that she has managed to adapt or better yet that someone is interested in her.  It’s been a week.  Yes, I am probably asking for the moon.  I just know that I sure didn’t expect the news we got.

What he was told is that she whines all the time and is not eating or drinking.   Now doesn’t that just make us feel better?  I asked him if we could go get her?  Andrew had the same exact question that I had.  

Do they even let you come and get a dog that you have dropped off?    Is that even an option?   The problem is that  we would be right back where we started.  I really hate no win situations.    

I’ve heard it said that animals do not have emotions.  Whoever said that was wrong.  Daisy misses us as much, if not more, then we miss her.   She may not understand, but she knows we have left her there and haven’t come back.  She is sad, terrified, and depressed.  Those are all emotions.  (I say depressed because I think that is the only reason I wouldn’t eat or drink for a week )

Do dogs have abandonment issues?? 

til next time

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this wasn’t on my radar

The first nine hours of 2009 were great.    I had forgotten just how much fun overnights are.  I spent the first two with a great group of teenagers down at the church.  Pictures will be coming later.     

However, I did bail out when it was time for the movie.   This body is not sleeping on the floor.  I came home to sleep in my own bed.  🙂   Ah, the best of both worlds.

Andrew came home at 9:00.  He had managed to stay up all night.    However, he came upstairs to inform me that the cat had pucked all over his chair.  She does have a problem occasionally with hair balls.  I don’t like cleaning them up, but it isn’t bad.

 I asked him if  he cleaned it up.  Silly me.  The look was priceless until he said it stunk so bad that he couldn’t stay in the room.   Uh oh, Curt (my night in shining armor) was still at the overnight.  He is the ‘go to guy’ that cleans up after the animals.  We leave it for him if at all possible.   We are so thoughtful.  *grin grin*

Knowing he wouldn’t be home for a few more hours, I head into the bathroom to get supplies and promptly step on a wet spot on the rug.  Grrrr, that dumb dog!  It doesn’t matter that last night she was off her routine.   Momma is not happy.   So, I lock her in the back porch.  Then I head back into the bathroom to  arm myself with paper towels, a wet rag, and resolve pet stain and odor cleaner.   I should have grabbed a face mask.

Well, let’s just say the cat was not the only one pucking.  It was nasty.  The smell was beyond words.  This was not a hair ball.  I am not sure Andrew’s chair can be saved.  Time will tell if it seeped through the stitching.  The sad thing is everybody loves his chair including the cat.

Happy happy New Year!!    Since I don’t drink alcohol at all, waking up New Year’s morning  throwing up was never on my radar as a possibility.  

animals2Here is the dynamic duo. 

I’ve heard it said that animals don’t remember things.  Well then explain to me how today Alley (the naughty cat)  came creeping into the dining room while I was typing, looked up at me  and did a real soft meow.  It was the best cat apology. 

Normally she is meowing as if to tell me of all the injustices she has to face with the dog.   She is a very high maintenance psycho kitty.

Funny thing though she is not going anywhere near Andrew’s chair.   I can’t say that I want to either.  Anyone want a really nice, black, swivel, smells like Resolve, slightly soaked chair?? 

A few life lessons to remember: 1) starting the new year with the youth group is one of the best ways to ring in the new year – they know how to have fun!!  2) if we are keeping the dog, she must be put in the kennel by midnight.  3) when grabbing supplies to clean up messes, grab a face mask.  4) expect the unexpected.    

Well, my night in shining armour just came home.  He hears the dog whining.  I am sure he will want the first hand story. 

Hoping your new year has not involved vomit. 

til next time

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Here is the newest addition to our “fishbowl”.  Daisy is a purebred basset hound.  This is a first for us.  We have always had mutts.  She did, however, come with the huge price tag of “free to good home”  — this makes Curt smile.  🙂

She looks so much like Max.  She is the dog I talked about earlier.  You can check that out here.  Although Max was taller, had a smaller snout and ears, shorter body, and smaller paws.   Which is why Curt refers to her as a “deformed Max”. 

She is adjusting to our “fishbowl”.  Like Max, she has some history of abuse.  She frightens easy and tends to potty when she is excited or scared.  It was touch and go for awhile, because Curt gave her a time frame to get it right — potty outside, not inside.  I do think that she is getting the hang of it. 

She is very affectionate.  She will slobber you with kisses.  No, I am not liking that so much.   Her tail wags at a very fast rate and it can be somewhat dangerous.  So far there has been very little barking or howling.  This is a great thing.  However, she does whine when we don’t let her follow us somewhere. 

I have always wanted to be able to let the dog off the chain when I am outside.  However, that was not to be with our other dogs.  One taste of freedom (no chain) and whoosh gone like the wind.  Daisy, however, seems to be able to handle staying right around us for the most part.  We will see how this works out.

I do find myself calling her Max once in awhile.  She is smart and doesn’t come to that.  I still miss Max.

There is another really great blessing in that Alley (our very old, sassy cat) gets along with this dog.   No hiding in the basement for 2 years — good thing cuz I’m not sure she has 2 years left in her.  Here is a pic of Curt with Alley and Max.  See the resemblance between the two dogs?  

Daisy has picked up right where Max left off.  It is fun to watch the animals fight for attention.  Life in this ‘fishbowl’ is never boring.   

til next time

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Ever had one of these days??

It isn’t a merry-go-round, but the similiarities are there.  There is much I could say about this brief video, but I will let you do your own reflecting.

So I wonder, just how many life lessons are there in this video?? 

til next time

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