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rule follower / rule breaker?

Rules — Some people think rules don’t apply to them.  Some people are bent on being rule breakers.  Other people recognize the need for rules. 
There are rules to playing games, driving a car, sitting in a library, taking tests….. everywhere I look there are rules. Now when it comes to some things – playing dominoes for example, the rules may differ widely from one group to the next. So it is important to set the rules up before playing that first game.
Some rules we can change. Other rules we cannot change. I can remember getting kicked out of the library as a teenager because I wasn’t following the rules. At the time I thought it was a stupid rule. (I was in a conference room designed to be a place to talk, so why couldn’t I talk?) Consequences can help us to abide by rules in the future. The librarian set and enforced the rules. I learned to abide by those rules.
Our country has many rules. Sadly, I don’t get to set the speed limit. I read where Montana, at one time, did not have a daytime speed limit. Just because I obey the speed limit doesn’t mean I don’t want to go fast. Obeying the laws – even the ‘stupid’ ones, unless it clearly goes against God’s Word (Acts 5:29) is what we are called to do. (Titus 3:1) It is a tall order, but God is right there ready to help us.
God also sets up some rules for living an abundant, fruitful life. When God says “thou shall or thou shall not,” He isn’t trying to cramp our style. Rather He is leading us down a path of peace, strength, joy, and victory. He has our best interests in mind. He is for us. (Psalm 118:6)
Thankfully God offers grace, mercy and forgiveness to us as we strive to follow Him. Applying God’s Word to our day-to-day living is a lifelong process.
Following Jesus!
til next time
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Some people walk into my life and teach me so much about love, forgiveness, and grace.  Others walk into my life and are like a cool breeze on a hot summer day — truly refreshing,  bringing a smile to my face and encouraging me to press on.

 I wonder  what  I bring when I walk into someone’s life?  What do you bring?


word picture  My prayer!

Sometimes it is so easy.  Other times it is so challenging.  I am reminded of the Golden Rule.  Luke 6:31   (TLB) “ Treat others as you want them to treat you.”  Recently I read a twist to the Golden Rule.  “From this point on I plan to treat people exactly how they treat me.  Some will be glad.  Others should be scared.”  While the desire is sometimes there in a strong way — I will continue to treat those who mistreat me – the way I wish they would treat me.  God’s opinion of me is what matters and He is the one who will help me to do what His Word says to do.


word pic 5My desire!

“I’ll stand with arms high and heart abandoned in awe of the One Who gave it all. I’ll stand – my soul Lord, to You – surrounded. All I am is Yours!”

Yes, some people have taught me much about love, grace, forgiveness and mercy.   For I have found that the  way to grow in those areas is to be in situations that require more grace than I have had to extend or  forgiveness for a hurt that runs deeper than anything I have yet encountered.  God is faithful and He is right there when trouble comes knocking.   (Psalm 46:1 (NASB “God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble.”)

I find that the greater the pain, the more I need to remember to  “Be still, and know that I am God” (KJV) or another translation says it this way   “ Cease striving and know that I am God;” (NASB)  Psalms 46:10

flower messageThe Words I hear often in the innermost part of my being  — “Be Still and Know I Am God!”

Whatever I am facing, no matter how ‘ugly’ it may be, even if the night seems long or the pain doesn’t lessen, I know that I know that My God is with me.  If He chooses to not quiet the storm, He will most certainly  quiet my heart.

My prayer is that how I handle each relationship will in fact reveal my absolute trust and devotion to Jesus .  He is my:  Savior, God,  healer, provider, peace, strength, hope, joy and He is more than enough!

 til next time


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“As we practice the work of forgiveness we discover more and more that forgiveness and healing are one.” by Agnes Sanford

Forgiveness, I believe, is more of a choice than a feeling.  Now once we make that choice to forgive, our emotions will come around.  It is indeed work; it doesn’t come easy. 

I choose to forgive for two reasons.  First and foremost – God says if we don’t forgive – He won’t.  That alone is reason enough.  However, I  have also come to recognize that it is to my benefit to forgive.  Reason number two – I forgive because it is keeps my heart pliable and tender. 

Holding on to unforgiveness makes me one unhappy person.  It will affect my health and impact my day to day choices.  It is like looking through a smudged window – nothing seems clear.

Choosing to forgive frees me to live.  Letting go of hurts and allowing God’s healing to flow through me is freedom.  It doesn’t matter whether or not the person ever acknowledges the wrong they have done.  My choice to forgive and not allow hurt or resentment to grow – frees me. 

As a Pastor’s wife many times people will say and/or do things down right hurtful.  It can be easy to focus on that and not see all the people that are supportive and helpful.  If I choose to be offended – I lose and my ability to minister to others diminishes.  If I choose to let go, forgive, and keep my focus on God – oh how much better things are.

I have talked with some very bitter men and women.  It has aged them.  Their ability to enjoy anything is affected by this resentment that has grown in their life.  It starts as a very small weed and then mushrooms into a monster.

Psalm 119:165 “Great peace have they that love Thy law and nothing shall offend them. ”  If I choose to allow God’s forgiveness to flow through my heart – I am free.  I am free to minister to hurting people.  I am free to give and receive love.  Forgiveness – It makes a difference!

til next time

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