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Grand Canyon – living the dream

2 wheels – just God, Curt and me— cruising down the highway — ltd!

Finally we have arrived.  We are less than 20 minutes away from the Grand Canyon.   We are both excited and relieved.   The reality has started to set in.  We really are here. In the morning we will see the Grand Canyon.

We have battled wind, extreme heat, torrential rain, sickness, and yet witnessed first hand God’s deliverance and protection.  There has been mile after mile of beauty, peace, and inspiration.  Truly we are living the dream!

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One of the things Curt would do every night  is wipe down the bike and look things over.  That night he happened to notice that there was more leakage around our final drive.  This concerned him so he felt he better check the level.  As it turned out he did not have the right tool.   He checked at the local gas station, the maintenance department at the hotel, and with other bikers.  No tool to be found.  No garage to be found.  Now what?

We are 20 minutes away…………… now what?

However, someone told him that there happened to be  a garage right in the Grand Canyon that would work on vehicles.  So we jump on the bike and head to the Grand Canyon.  First stop will be the garage.  He kind of – sort of knows the general direction of the garage.  It soon becomes evident that there are roads going here, there, and everywhere.  It is a huge place.

He decided to pull in and ask directions at the next building we see.  As he is turning into the parking lot I point out the small sign on the back of the building.  GARAGE.  We just happened to drive right to it.  What a way to start our morning.  (Oh and I am a firm believer that things don’t just happen; God is in control and He makes a way.)

It was a very good thing that we had it checked.  The bike was very very low on fluid.  They filled us up and sent us on our way.  How much did that cost us?  Nothing but a hand shake and  a “have a great trip” comment.

Finally, the moment we had been anticipating.

It is breathtaking.   It is all I thought it would be and so much more.

I don’t know what the North Rim is like but I can highly recommend the South Rim.

I bought a picture to frame because I knew my camera just wouldn’t capture the true beauty.  However, my camera does show that we were there 🙂

Absolutely awestruck at the magnitude and beauty of it all.  Much of the trail along the rim is paved.  We did go on some that were a bit more ‘natural’.

There is also a shuttle bus that will take you to points of interest where you can look and then get back on the bus or take the trail to the next point.

We also did go under the Rim. <– You can see the trail.

They warn you to be careful and to remember that going down is much easier than going back up.

Yes, it was everything and more!!  Truly exceeded my expectations!

It was kind of scary as the trail wasn’t as wide –  making the drop offs that much closer.

What a fantastic day we had.  Going under the Rim was the last thing we did.  Probably a good thing because otherwise I would have been tempted to go farther than we did.  As it was, we easily made it back up.

We  took the shuttle bus from the Bright Angel trail back to our bike.  On the way the driver noticed this fella.

On our trip we saw all kinds of wild life – some of it was very up close and personal.  Truly this was not Iowa.

The next morning we took off for Colorado.  I didn’t realize that we would have many opportunities to see the Canyon again as we drove out.

What a wonderful unexpected blessing from God that we were able to enjoy the Grand Canyon that next morning as we began our journey home.

We had over 440 miles to go on this day if we were going to be able to spend the night visiting with a dear ‘old’ friend – who served along side Curt in the Marines.  I knew he really really wanted to get there.  Neither of us realized just how barren Arizona and Utah were going to be.   Not to mention that the temperature was rising!

(the conclusion of our trip will be the next blog)

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back to nature

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful sunny day.  We jumped on the bike and headed to a local hiking area – you know the one I blogged about that was practically in my own backyard.  The difference this time was that it wasn’t raining.  The drawback with the nice weather was that there were a bunch of people. The parking lot was full.  I kind of like it just Curt and I and nature. 

I have spent way too much time at the Dr. office this week.  When it is all said and done I may blog about some of it.  Anyway, I think that may have contributed to the increase in pleasure that I found getting back to nature.  The fresh air, the noises of small critters scampering away, the leaves beginning to turn color, and since it wasn’t raining we could venture off the beaten path.  I did ask Curt on more than one occasion, “No poison ivy, right?”

It seems there is always work to be done.  There is always one more thing that needs attention, one more phone call, one more letter to write, one more load of laundry, the list goes on……  Heading back to nature for awhile was well worth the time and energy that was spent.  Time kind of stands still in the woods.



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in my own backyard

What are we to do with a rainy day off?  There is a local state park that we visited once many many years ago and shortly after arriving I got totally scared off by a bunch of bats in a cave.  We just never went back.  Hmmmm, today let’s take an adventure in the rain. 

Here we go.  It is much more than I was expecting.   As we get into the woods it is so beautiful to hear the rain hitting all the leaves.  Yes, we are getting a little wet and we do have to be careful in some places.  It is a bit slippery and there were some trails that Curt would check out a ways and come back and say “not that way”.   

It was so peaceful and absolutely beautiful and to think it is practically in our back yard.  Please take note of how tight that spot  <- is.  Yes, it did make my heart beat increase. I was glad that we didn’t have to go back the same way.

Some pictures are a bit fuzzy, but after all it was raining.  We hiked for around 1 1/2 hours.  I can’t wait to go back when the sun is shining and we can explore more of those paths that were just too slippery this time.  Hey we even found a water falls.  It was a small one, but it counts. 

I thought this place was all about caves.  Here we have lived so close to something so grand and yet we travel all the way up Northern MN to hike nature trails.   You can be sure we will be back.   After all this is practically in our backyard!

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