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everything has a story

This week-end my son had his senior recital.   Getting to this point was no easy thing for him.    If  I were to list all of the various road blocks that he has faced you would quite possibly think that I was making some of them up.  It is no wonder that many music majors never finish.

His recital was mostly classical numbers.  This was a switch from the style I was used to hearing him play.   Yet it really showed his level of ability.   He ended with a couple of jazz numbers.  It was phenomenal!!!

Getting to his recital was challenging for us.    As ministers, taking a week-end off requires advance preparation.   When the date was set we made the necessary arrangements but ……….. (yes there is a story).

I have been known to tell people that I would like to experience what “uneventful” is like — to be able to  tell this story — “We made the necessary arrangements.   We went.  It was wonderful.  We came home.   Praise God!”

It seems that everything in my life has a story behind it.  I used to wonder why and then  I realized that God is the greatest story-teller and that many of His stories seemed to be filled with great detail — quite eventful.  Why should mine be any different?

As our story seems to go,  plans changed.   We found out  our worship leader and piano player were not going to be there after all.  One by one our options for music fell through.  A little over a week before we were to leave and still we had no one for music.  Three days later we found out that we would also need to make arrangements in other areas that we thought were covered.

This was not going to be that uneventful story.  Maybe next time?

Why do some things happen?

Some things happen because the enemy of our souls is doing all he can to discourage us and push us to quit.  I also think that God allows some things to happen so that we grow in our trust in Him.   Another reason some things are allowed is because then we have no doubt that God came through in a huge way because it has God written all over it.  Finally, some things happen because we are then forced to make necessary changes in how we do things.

Changes …………… One thing that we are doing different now is how we do our trips back home.  Our trips  used to involve a lot of van time as we tried to see everyone.   Now we do a pool party at the hotel and anyone that can make it is welcome.    Sometimes things happen to force a needed change.

I can see this hotel change really being a good thing.  Here we are playing a ‘friendly’ game of UNO the night before the recital.

When all is said and done, we were able to find someone to cover music and the other necessary arrangements.      God came through in a huge way.   The recital was fantastic.  I am soooo proud of you Christopher!!!!!

til next time

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