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We like to go hiking.

Some trails are clearly marked – some are not marked at all. Some trails are wide enough for 4 people to walk side my side. While other trails are barely wide enough for one person to carefully pass. Some trails are filled with stairs. What goes up must come down. While other trails are mostly level.

The trails that drop off on both sides are the ones that make my heart skip a beat and find me forgetting to breathe. Recently, my husband kept telling me to just look at the trail, one step at a time, don’t look down, follow his footsteps………..

Life can be like that sometimes. Only we have God leading us, reminding us to take it one step at a time, to follow Him, to stay focused, to not look at the problem….

Following God!

Psalm 18:32-34 (ESV)

“the God who equipped me with strength
and made my way blameless.
He made my feet like the feet of a deer
and set me secure on the heights.”

hinds feet

Following God!
til next time

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rain, floods, winds

Is there a storm on your horizon?  Maybe you are right in the midst of a storm.
Sometimes life is stormy.
Life sometimes brings the  rain of troubles  knocking at my door, or the flood of overwhelming emotions rising up within me.   Sometimes the winds of destruction try to knock me down  or the rug is pulled out from under me slamming me against the wall.   There have been times when all three seem to be happening at once.  
Sometimes life is hard.
BUT God is with us.  (Matt 28:20)  He gives to us His strength.  (Isa 40:29)   He will make a way through each storm.  (Isa 43:19)
Matthew 7:24-25 (NASB)
“Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and yet it did not fall, for it had been founded on the rock.”
In each situation (rain, flood, wind)  God  replaces despair with hope.(Psalm 43:5)   My faith  increases with each situation because my life is built upon the Solid Rock of Christ.  Whatever I face, I face it with God and in His strength.  My hope is in Him.
There is an old Imperial’s song that says:  “Let the wind blow, blow as hard as it can.  Upon the Solid Rock of God, I stand.”
So whatever comes at me today, I know that God will be here. He will hold me up! He is my ever-present help in trouble. My hope is in Him!. (Isa 43:16, Matt 28:20, Psalm 63:8, Psalm 46:1)
Psalm 31:24 (NASB)
“Be strong and let your heart take courage,   All you who hope in the Lord.”
til next time
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what, why, outcome??

How’s your prayer life?

What is prayer?     Communicating with God – the One who rules the universe and all the galaxies beyond, who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and present everywhere

Asking Him to intervene on a particular situation or person

Asking for His peace, joy, love, hope and strength to be poured out and for eyes to be opened to Him

Why pray? because He cares about us. He is for us! He wants a relationship with us. He loves us. (Psalm 119:18, Isaiah 40:29, Jude 2, Psalm 42:5, 1 Peter 5:7, Psalm 118:6, John 3:16)

Outcome?  Prayer changes things. Prayer makes a difference. The greatest change is in me. It draws me closer to God. Therefore, my corner of the world is better because of Jesus.

Don’t forget a part of prayer is listening. It is in listening that I find God pouring peace into my heart. We may never hear the audible voice of God but He still speaks to us: thru His word, thru music, preaching, thru others, thru a sense of assurance, God even used a Dove Chocolate wrapper to speak to my heart.

I encourage you to spend some time in prayer/communication with the One who loves you most.

til next time

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who’s hand are you holding?

Psalm 46:1 tells us, ” God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.”

Refuge – shelter or protection from danger
Strength – we are strong in Him.
Very – high degree, extremely
Present — right here, right now
Help – provide what is necessary
Trouble – difficulty, mess, dilemma, commotion, struggle…

Isaiah 41:12 tells us, “For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, Saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.’

Just as a mother will take her small child’s hand when crossing a busy street, God takes us by the hand and helps us to cross our ‘busy streets.’ We need not fear. God is holding us.

Holding on to God’s hand cause He is holding on to mine!

fear not

til next time

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ugh!! why did i do that?

Today has been a hard day for me.  I resisted the temptation to drop everything and go back to bed.  Good first step.  I even managed to fulfill my duties as a chaplain at two different locations.  I, again, am very much aware that in my weakness, God is strong.  (2 Cor 12:9)   Yet, it has been a struggle all day to keep moving forward.

I don’t know what you are facing, or what might be trying to ruffle your peace, but for me I seemed to have hit a wall with all the health issues.   Frankly, I am tired of hurting.  I guess you could say I gave in this morning and took my focus off Jesus and on to the pain, the number of  health issues, and the upcoming doctor’s appointments that are in my future.

I am not done with my responsibilities for today, so I knew I had to do something.  What is it that I truly need at this moment?


Yes, that’s it.  Peace!

Why did I do that?  Take my eyes off Christ and fixate on the pain. I know better and yet?

God offers to us peace. In the midst of whatever is going on we can turn to God, giving Him our hurts, confusion, stress, anxiety, struggle, pain… and receive from Him peace that goes beyond our understanding. (Philippians 4:6-7)

“The Lord will give strength to His people;
The Lord will bless His people with peace.” Psalm 29:11 (NASB)

If we could market peace, true inner peace, into a capsule form, we would make millions. I believe it would be the hottest selling item. There are just so many miserable, stressed out people in the world today. Sadly, Christians can fall into that trap as well – like I did today.

“The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace,
Because he trusts in You.
“Trust in the Lord forever,
For in God the Lord, we have an everlasting Rock.” Isaiah 26:3-4 (NASB)

The key to living a life of peace is to be steadfast, trusting that in any situation that arises, – yes, this includes health issues – God is in control and He is greater than whatever life throws at us. (1 John 4:4) It is when we take our eyes off of Jesus and fixate on the problem that our peace  goes right out the window.

Nothing takes God by surprise. (Psalm 139) He is not off on some vacation unaware of what you are facing. Instead, He is with you. (Matt 28:20) He will make a way. (Isa 43:16) He is for you. (Psalm 118:6) He is working all things out for good. (Romans 8:28) Nothing, absolutely nothing is too difficult for Him. (Jer 32:17, Luke 1:37)

Keep trusting – it isn’t over yet.

Thank You God for peace!


til next time


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run? walk? weak?

My own strength is insufficient to deal with the many situations that I face. God never intended for you or me to operate out of our own strength. In fact, many times scripture reminds us that God is our refuge and our strength.

“He gives power to the tired and worn out, and strength to the weak… But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:29, 31 TLB)


“The Lord God is my strength,
And He has made my feet like hinds’ feet,
And makes me walk on my high places.” (Habakkuk 3:19 NASB)


There are times when God pours into us strength in abundance and we seem to run the race before us. (Hebrews 12:1) There are other times when God give us strength bit by bit so that we can walk in His statutes (Lev 26:3) and walk in love (Eph 5:2) leaning on Him every step of the way.

One thing is for certain, He will give us the strength we need when we need it. He is in control and He is for us. (Psalm 118:6)

So as you face situations that seem daunting, trials that seem to never end, heartache, or health issues remember where your strength comes from. Spend time today talking with God and casting your cares. (1 Peter 5:7)

In my weakness, He is strong!

til next time


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peace in the storm

Recently I watched a storm come in across the lake. It was surprising how quickly the temperature went from pleasant to down right cold. The sky turned dark.

The lily pads looked like something invisible was running over them. The force of the wind made me reach for my jacket.

Sometimes it is like that in life. Things are going along smoothly when all of a sudden everything changes. If you step back for a moment, you might even see the changes happen right in front of you.

Psalm 29:11 tells us “the Lord will give strength to His people. The Lord will bless His people with peace.”

Strength and peace are available to us if we trust and believe God.

As that storm came in, I was not the least bit afraid. It looked bad, but I was safe.

When the storms of life blow in, remember who holds you in the Palm of His hand! Rest in God’s embrace and allow His strength and peace to wash over you.

Strength – Peace – so very wonderful!!

Til next time


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joy in the journey


oh, Lord, help me see truth
as I walk with You
trusting You to know the way

joy in the journey
joy in the storm
joy that comes from You!

in the light of Your truth
freedom comes
freedom to live and walk in joy!

“… for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” (Nehemiah 8:10)

“Joy is that deep settled confidence that God is in control of every area of my life.” Paul Sailhame

The choice is ours. I choose to let God invade every area of my life. When God is in the driver’s seat, there is an assurance that it all will work out. (Romans 8:28)  His joy becomes my strength.

No matter what may be going on, I can rejoice in the Lord. (Philippians 4:4) Some days may not be as good as others, but there is good in each day. And the good starts with the love of our Savior that we are given another day. In Him we live and move and exist. (Acts 17:28)

grace to grace

til next time


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trade offs – not just for football

Super Bowl — No matter how big the screen may be, I am not a fan of watching football on t.v.   However, I do enjoy some of those slow motion replays.

This year (Super Bowl 50)  the Broncos went home with the win!  Whatever your thoughts are about Peyton Manning, he has proven himself to be a great quarterback.  Hmmmm, is there enough evidence to show that I am a follower of Christ?


What a great verse!  What a great promise.  We are on God’s winning team.  There are no losers.   We each have a purpose.  Yet, it is our choice to follow God’s plan or not.   Joshua 24:15 tells us to choose this day who you will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

psalm 34

This Psalm expresses the importance of praising God.  Praise Him openly.  Magnify Him. Let us exalt His name together.   (That is a reason to find a Bible believing church and go.)

“I sought the Lord and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.”

Fear tries to cripple our faith.   Sometimes our faith gets in distress – I call that doubt. Another product of fear is worry.   The Bible is filled with scripture after scripture – “fear not” – “do not fear” again a choice we make. Do we trust God or do we let fear (doubt, worry) settle in.


So take that fear, doubt, worry – God is with us!  God is helping us!  God is strengthening us!   It is God’s grace working in us, silencing our fears and quieting the unrest in our souls.

When we look to the world or put our eyes on the problem we can be easily discouraged or at a loss.

When we look to God, when we magnify Him, our faith arises and our hope is renewed.

Faith in God destroys fear!

Every time we go to God in prayer we are releasing our faith.

“God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear,
Even though the earth be removed,
And though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;
 Though its waters roar and be troubled,
Though the mountains shake with its swelling. Selah
Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!”  (Psalm 46: 1-3, 10 NKJV)

situations out of our control — come to all of us.

The difference lies in how we handle it.  Do we let it overtake us, discourage us, or do we have faith in God’s willingness and His ability to take care of us.   Remember, God is for us.  Over and over in His Word He reminds us that He is with us and for us.

In football, trade offs happen.  When a player’s contract is up, the owner can choose to trade one player for another.  He is looking for the best trade off.

We have the best trade off option.

As Christians we can trade our:
broken dreams
things that we just can’t understand
We can give that to God and in exchange He will give us:
He will turn it around  (Romans 8:28)
He will make beauty out of ashes (Isaiah 61:3)


Trials/problems are not enemies of our faith but instead they are an opportunity to see God’s faithfulness up close.

That is if we hold on to Him,
trust Him, put our faith in Him,
refusing to let worry and fear control us….


“God will give us the wisdom to know what to do and the strength to do it.”  Curtis Girod

God will see us through. He will give us the strength to stick it out – not the grit your teeth kind of strength but the strength that endures the unedurable and spills over into joy.

Don’t let fear settle in. Don’t give in to worry or doubt. Let your faith rise up and destroy fear.

God is for you! The game isn’t over. You are on the winning team.

til next time


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conquering the mountain

mountainIt isn’t that I didn’t see it coming.  Really I shouldn’t be surprised.  Yet,  I get tired of the same old mountain.  This is one mountain that I would love to toss into the sea.  Yet I don’t think that is what Matthew 17:20 is talking about.

This mountain could make  Mount Everest appear small.  Treacherous terrain appears to be everywhere.   It is daunting and has almost a mocking quality that seems to be everywhere.   Yet I am confident that getting to the top of this mountain is an attainable goal.  Scripture says  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  (Philippians 4:13)

It takes more than determination and wanting it bad enough.  I really get tired of hearing people sayif you want it bad enough.... or  — well you must not want it bad enough.….   

It has very little to do with wanting it bad enough and much more to do with fighting the onslaught of rough terrain that threatens to send me back down the mountain side.   There I will need to  bandage my wounds  and have to begin all over again.

When that happens the mountain seems to actually get bigger.


What mountain am I talking about?  The mountain that looms in front of me every time I attempt to go on a diet or make a healthy lifestyle change.

As perimenopause is setting in, this mountain seems to have added a few twists and turns that I could truly do without.  Losing weight wasn’t a picnic before but add to that a dropping metabolism and I find myself facing a mountain of sheer rock. mountain

In the past I have said that just starting a diet means I will gain 5 pounds.  My husband has witnessed this more than once or twice.     I have tried writing down everything I eat.  I have tried numerous diet plans.   I have lost the same 20 pounds more times than I care to count.  Each time the mountain seems to grow.

For me, the carbohydrate diet is a good fit.   It is not truly a diet but more of a way of life for those people who are truly carb junkies.  Yet even though it is a good fit, that doesn’t stop the numerous  ways the mountain will try to sabotage my efforts.

So that brings me to today – day three of my carb diet.  The first three days are indeed the hardest.  My body is not happy.    It happens to love carbs and is doing all it can to remind me of that.

Then there is the  mountain.   It  has thrown all sorts of boulders at me in an effort to send me back down the mountain.   While this is not a surprise, it is still something I could do without.

What will tomorrow bring?  I don’t know but as we sang in first service today I know who holds tomorrow!!

til next time

Day 4 – Since I hadn’t posted this yet, I have a confession.   I almost caved to the boulders that were being flung down the mountain.  Last night I was overly tired, hungry and had faced some pretty difficult things.  I just wanted a sandwich.  Yes complete with soft yummy bread.

I have a great husband who caught me as I was smearing the mayo all over my bread.  What did he do?  He promptly tossed it in the trash and gave me a pep talk.  Whew!!  That was a close call.

Heading a little higher up that mountain.
ok that’s it for now 🙂

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